Corporate Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility Strategy 

We are in the business of protecting people, and in our world trust and solid relationships are extremely important. By developing key, Corporate Responsibility (CR) initiatives that empower people to live better lives, we are able to work towards building a better, more socially responsible world.


Our global initiatives and achievements at a glance:

•   AXA was the first insurer to stop investing in coal and tobacco companies.

•   We’ve committed EUR 250m to academic research from our AXA Research Fund to bring scientific learnings closer to AXA businesses.

•   We encourage our employees to give back to society through AXA Hearts in Action, our international volunteer program wherein our employees initiate activities for causes that fall under our five focus areas.

•   Our Group has officially committed to ‘RE100’, which is to have 100% of our electricity consumption to come from renewable resources by 2025.

•   Our overall CR performance has been recognised as outstanding results in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, where we now rank second.


For this year, we’ve identified five key areas to focus our CR activities:

•   Environment – We leverage our business to help the world be better prepared to face climate risk, through funding researches and taking tactical measures to reduce our own carbon footprint.

•  Health – We partner with our customers to develop their health prevention measures, with screenings and check-ups to help them track their health.

•   Disability – AXA is committed to promoting inclusivity. Our work environments are built to treat all of our employees with respect without discrimination and to provide additional support to those who require it.

•  Social welfare – In addition to providing work opportunities to those with mental and physical challenges, we support charities and social initiatives that focus upon giving back to society.

•  Education – To aid the advancement of the next workforce generation and help people lead better lives, we at AXA promote various initiatives that support education. 


At AXA, we have a dedicated platform called CR week, where our employees volunteer and carry out initiatives in the above-mentioned areas during paid working hours throughout the year. Through such initiatives, corporate funding and more, we ensure that AXA’s commitment to corporate social responsibility stays strong and all employees receive the opportunity and encouragement to give back to society.