Motorcycle Insurance

Born to ride

AXA's Motorcycle Insurance offers you Third Party or Comprehensive cover aimed at the leisure bike owner. Whatever you need, we can provide you with the right combination of insurance for your bike and reimbursement for your helmet and protective clothing. The cost of insurance depends on the cover you need, your age, your riding experience and the type of bike you ride.


Get additional discounts

  • Female bikers

  • Voluntary excess

  • Multi-line insurance discount

  • Circuit school day

Ride easy

Ride with confidence!
If you want to fully enjoy your motorcycle experience riding a Cruiser or a Road bike, AXA offers the right combination of insurance and cover.

Get additional discounts!

Voluntary excess
10% or 15% discount for an additional excess of AED/SAR/QAR 1,000 or 1,500 (OMR/BHD 100 or 150).

Table of benefits Comprehensive
Loss or damage X1
Third Party liability X
Medical expenses Up to DH/SR/QR 2,500 RO/DB 250
Helmet and protective clothing insurance Up to DH/SR/QR 2,500 RO/DB 2502
Circuit school day cover X3
Accident and breakdown recovery X4
Accessories Up to DH/SR/QR 2,500 RO/DB 2502
Agency Repairs extension X
GCC cover X
Voluntary excess X5

1 - Standard excess of DH/SR/QR 1,500 – RO/BD 150.
2 - Additional excess of DH/SR/QR 150 – RO/BD 15 applicable.
3 - Additional excess of DH/SR/QR 500 – RO/BD 50 applicable.
4 - Applicable only for the UAE.
5 - You can qualify for the following discount:

  • 10% for an additional excess of DH/SR/QR 1,000 – RO/BD 100
  • 15% for an additional excess of DH/SR/QR 1,500 – RO/BD 150

Contact AXA

8000 1060

Sunday - Wednesday 8:00AM - 8:00PM, Thursday –Saturday 8:00am-5:00pm

Cover details

As a demonstration of our commitment to your protection, we have included the following cover at no extra cost:

Safety apparel
Your helmet and protective clothing will be covered for damage in the event of an accident.

Medical expenses
Limited medical expenses for bodily injury in the event of an accident.

24h accident and breakdown recovery

Within the UAE, you will enjoy extensive breakdown and accident recovery service 365 days a year, 7 days a week.

Optional covers:

Agency repair
Accidental damage can be repaired at the authorised agent for up to 4 years from the date the bike was first registered.

You can include cover for additional equipment such as bags, tank bags, GPS and radio.

GCC cover extension
Riders wishing to travel across the Arabian Peninsula can opt for the GCC extension.

Key benefits

Benefits to meet you personal preferences, such as:

Superior after sales service
Thanks to our network of approved workshops, you get quality, personalized service and worry-free claims settlement.

Claim over the phone
We’ve made it easier to register your claim and vehicle inspection. Just declare your claim over the phone and leave your motorcycle at the specified garage with relevant documents and the claim registration number.